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User Friendly

Precision INSTRUMENTS MODEL 105 Detector is specifically designed for repetitive applications 
an increased ease for use. Two methods can be stored.   
The digital display shows all important parameters for efficient interpretation : volt or nA / V 
output data, volt or nA / V, offset, potential, time constant, base line decay, sensivity, chromatogram.


Sensitive and selective
The model 105 provides sensitive and selective detection. The electronic transfer between electrode 
and compound in solution occurs only if the working potential is held at the right value to oxidize or 
reduce the compound ; the detector is blind when the compounds react above this value.



An inventive electronic and specially designed cell
With a low dead volum the cell keeps efficiency of the separation, the mirror polished of all cell parts
avoids any hydrodynamic disturbances. Associated with a low noise electronic, MODEL 105 is 
the friendly Electrochemical Detector in the picogram range.



A professionnal partner
PRECISION INSTRUMENTS offers specific dual know-how : hardware and sensors. The company is 
commited to your success with the performance of your equipment.


Sensitivity 0,1 nA/V

1 - Noradrenalin (30 Pg) 
2 - Dhba (100 Pg)   
3 -
Adrenalin (30 Pg)
4 - Dopamin (30 Pg) 


Technical Data

Large sensitivity

Selectivity Autozero

Operating Specifications

Potential Range : ± 2,5 volts in 10mV steps

Filter Time constant : 0s ; 0.5s ; 2s ; 5s


Range : 0.05 nA/V to 200 nA/V in 12 steps

Two selected methods stored by the user


 Operational kit
The detection kit includes : a complete cell, two reference electrodes, fittings, gaskets...

Different working electrodes are available : Glassy Carbon, Gold, Silver,Platinium, ...

Physical specifications
Height 140mm ; Width 320mm ; Length 320 mm

Power requirements 220V or 110V (50/60Hz)


Signal Outputs 

Autozero : by the keyboard

Event Mark : by the keyboard and external

Base Line decay :± 0.9 V

Record output : 1V and 10 mV

RS232C Interface