26 Rue JM KEYNES - 13013 MARSEILLE FRANCE - Tel : 00 33 491 06 75 77 - Fax : 00 33 491 66 53 04 - infos@precision-inst.com




The Activity

is mainly focussed on liquid chromatography, we have developed :
Electrochemical detectors, Refractive index detectors, for analytical and preparative chromatography, with the patented in line light beam system.


We manufacture 
a new line of preparative liquid chromatographs with the columns based on the exclusive
Autoregulated Compression System (ACS).

We provide the columns with an internal diameter of 20, 40, 80 mm, these chromatographs may be provided to be installed on a bench top or directly set up on a cart.



An other part of our activity
is to manufacture specific electrochemical detectors for the environment, we have developed instruments for the monitoring of metals (Hg, Cd, Pb...) in water or others fluids.